“On The Beach” Collection

Those long lazy days of summer, out soaking up the warm sun’s rays – a time of light and bright colour, and of course holidays by the sea! Here you will find fun and up-to-date jewellery designs that focus on bright colours and light-weight materials to match your new beach-wear at home or abroad.  We love our anklets so take a peek at the new range, – easy to wear in 3 size-ranges – we would love to see photos of them worn in the sand.

Wonderful bracelet with vibrant red colour. Looks lovely and the right size.

Joan Drake

Our Ethos

Louise and I have a number of charities close to our heart so for every item sold you can be sure we will donate £1.00 to one of two small charities that Sherewater is currently supporting:

Mustard Seed Autism Trust in Farnborough
REAN, a dog rescue charity based in Norfolk and Romania

We strive to keep our jewellery environmentally friendly by avoiding plastic beads and charms, focusing on natural materials such as gemstones, glass and crystal. Please be aware that some fibres are man-made. Most of our ranges are naturally vegan and a small number of leather bracelets will be clearly marked using leather sourced from our UK based small suppliers.